15+ Pics From The Series “What’s going on here?” [Part 2]



And what you think about this one?

Forks? Seriously?

Christmas tree! Urban Edition 😀

Wait … Glasses? How? 😀

Om-nom-nom 😀

Something is wrong here

Did you see something strange too?

Just What The…? OMG

S – Security! 😀

And More Fun

The main thing is the company!

Unexpected moment

Why did he do this? What for?

It seems someone forgot something!

Triple Puma!

I wouldn’t drink such water.

Well, who washes the car this way? 😀

Bravo to the architect!

Pay attention to the number of hatches!

Hairstyle just fire! 😀

Oops! This is “Unlucky day: beginning”!

And this is Russia!

No comments! 😀


Ruthless! OMG

How did it happen? How?

Who is it? And why he do it?


Excellent 😀

Next, please 😀

Is this a wedding? What the..?

Ooops! So Fun! 😀

Who invented it and who did it?

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