17+ People Who Deeply Regret Shopping Online

Hello! We represent to your attention 17+ People Who Deeply Regret Shopping Online.

We make all our best to make your day more sunny and funny. And now let’s go:

Bought Rings Online

Gotta Love Ebay

They Weren’t Wrong…

When You Are Not Sure About Your Outfit. It Says Lion Costume Online. Really? More Like A Bad Hair Day Costume

A Friend Ordered Two Snapbacks With A Custom Image. This Happened

So My Roommate And I Ordered Chairs Online And This Is What We Got

These Chest Of Drawers Will Forever Haunt Me. When You Order A Chest Of Drawers And Don’t Have Any Concept On Size Or Cost Of Items And End Up With These

When You Order The Wrong Card Size


A Friend Of Mine Bought A Ipad From Ebay For $5. Shipped From Hongkong. I’m Still Laughing

My Buddy Ordered This Pillow For His Daughter

My Mother Bought A Swing Set From Amazon… She Said This One Cost $17 The Other One Was $22

The Playpen His Daddy Got Him

To Be Fair My Wife Did Think This Paddling Pool Was Suspiciously Cheap

When You Ordered Earpiece From China And This Was Delivered

My Dad Bought A Wool Hoodie Online And The Proportions Were A Bit Off

It Fits My Dog…

I Bought This Bob Ross Chia Pet… These Are Not Happy Trees

I Have Never Laughed So Hard. I Thought I Ordered An X-Large Dog Bed From Amazon. Surprise! I Didn’t

Um, China – There’s A Difference Between Nine Inches In Diameter And Nine Centimeters In Diameter. Thanks A Lot

Shoes Ordered From Wish App

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