Yo, What’s up?! We represent to your attention 20+ Puppies On Their First Days Of Work That Will Make Your Day. ?

#1 Tuco Trying On The Vest For The First Time

#2 Guide Dog Puppy With His Teddy Bear

#3 Even The Comfort Puppy Needs Some Comfort

#4 Future Seeing Eye Dog

#5 Trying On Their First Vests

#6 And The Winner For Cutest Service Dog Goes To

#7 This Is The New Puppy At Training Today. We Don’t Think The Bullet Proof Vest Fits… Just Yet

#8 One Day, I’ll Be A Big Police Dog

#9 Service Puppy In Training

#10 Police K-9 Puppy’s First Day Of Work

#11 Puppy Mo On His First Day With Greater Manchester Police

#12 Service Puppy-In-Training Needed A Nap In My Gym. We Put Cones Around Her So She Wouldn’t Be Disturbed

#13 Learning How To Read Is Part Of A Training

#14 I Bet He Will Be Chewing On A Bad Guys Arm In No Time

#15 Two Service Dogs In Training. Work Is Hard

#16 Proudly Wearing His Uniform

#17 My Local PD Just Got A New Puppy Who Is So Ready To Be Done With Pictures And Just Take A Nap

#18 7 Weeks Old Police Puppy

#19 Local Sheriff’s Office’s Newest Recruit

#20 Service Puppy At Work

#21 Jack, Eager To Begin Working With His Veterans, On His First Day Suiting Up In His Service Dog Vest

#22 There’s A New Sher-Ruff In Town

#23 Met This Puppy Being Trained To Be A Service Dog At Work Today. He Had A Tough First Day

#24 And The Training Begins

#25 Police Dog Puppies

#26 Puppy Joining Finish Police

#27 Meet Xxcalliber! Few Months Old Military Working Dog Pup

#28 Little Zuma Service Puppy In Training

#29 Meet Scoob, An Eleven Week Old Police Puppy

#30 This Little Guy Is Training To Become A Service Dog And His Class Had A Field Trip At Turkey Hill Ice Cream Factory

#31 Snoopy Is A Service Puppy In Training And Will Grow Into His Vest One Day!

#32 Falcor Is Ready For Some Action

IMAGE SOURCE: www.boredpanda.com