20+ Celebrities With Their Old Phones, That Are Left In The Past


Chad Michael Murray and his Motorola Razr

Cameron Diaz and her chic cellular

David Beckham and his Motorola Razr

Lindsay Lohan and her bedazzled Sidekick

Matthew Perry and his LG enV

Paris Hilton and her black Motorola Razr

Paris Hilton and her pink Razr

Paris HIlton and her Sidekick

Paris Hilton and her Blackberry

Paris Hilton with her Blackberry and Kim Kardashian with a Sidekick

Kim Kardashian with a pink phone

Rachel Bilson and her antenna phone

Beyonce and her Samsung B’phone

Wilmer Valderrama and his Sidekick

Adam Sandler and his mobile phone

Kenan Thompson showing off his flip phone goods

Eva Longoria and her phone

Bono surrounded by red Motorola SLVRs

Simon Cowell and this phone

Tara Reid and her trusty flip

Kate Hudson and this giant device

Brad Pitt and his car phone

Shooter McGavin with his flip phone

Dustin Hoffman and his first edition cellular

And Hillary Swank with this big Motorola and her Oscar on the table

Source: www.buzzfeed.com

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