20+ Times Jason Momoa Was The Coolest Guy


You might remember Jason Momoa as the powerful Khal Drogo from Game Of Thrones

But his 6 million over Instagram followers could tell you he’s a coolest guy in real life

Just look at this funny moment πŸ™‚

Or that time he got stuck between two stones

Any outfit suits him!

We love you Jason! πŸ™‚

Charming smiles!

Even the difficult scenes he performs perfectly!

Sometimes he likes to drink beer in good company!

He also knows how to create photobombs!

On this pic he ignored fan’s husband by putting his signature on his face

He is also a good family man!

But some adventures are just for friends

Hahaha! Priceless shot! πŸ˜€

Look at Gal Gadot πŸ˜€

Just look at this proud pose!

Great couple!

Thank you Jason!

You really are a cool dude!

Source: @prideofgypsies

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