20 Times When DNA test Is Not Needed


Sometimes the similarities with our parents and grandparents can be seen from early childhood, in other cases it may take some time. Anyway, genes are a very powerful thing.

Grandfather and grandson at 20 years old.

Father on the left, son on the right.

Grandfather and granddaughter. They’re alike?.

Daughter is very similar to her mother.

Grandfather at the age of 20 and a grandson at 28.

Father and son at 20.

Mother and daughter are very similar.

They are incredibly similar, aren’t they?

Great-grandfather, grandfather and grandson of about the same age.

On the left side there is a woman with a daughter, on the right – with a granddaughter.

Mom and daughter.

Father’s genes are very visible.

Father and son aged 14.

Dad and son on the same background.

Mom and daughter at the age of 16 years.

Family photo: mother and daughter.

The first birthday of the father and his son.

Grandfather and grandson at the same age.

Mom and her daughter.

Grandmother and her granddaughter are about the same age.

Source: www.adme.ru