20+ Weird and Funny Sports You’ve Never Heard of


#1 Sepak Takraw

This game resembles volleyball but instead of hands, players use their feet, knees, chest, and head to move the ball around, which is made from soft wood.

#2 Quidditch

This sport meant to be played on flying broomsticks.

#3 Tuna Tossing

This sport was inspired by the local fishermen who would toss fish onto their trucks and the winner is the person who manages to throw a 20-pound fish the furthest. Our days participants use a rubber fish instead.

#4 Toe Wrestling

Players attempting to pin down their opponent’s toes for three seconds. Players play with their bare feet.

#5 Chess Boxing

Competitors play 11 alternating rounds of chess and boxing for three minutes each.

#6 Hotdog Eating Contests

The rules of this sport involve participants trying to eat as many hot dogs as they can in a ten minute period.

#7 Man vs. Horse Marathon

An annual 22-mile (35.4 km) marathon is held in Welsh Town, Wales with both men and horses running.

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#8 Redneck Games

This is the unique sport and some of the events include toilet seat tossing, seed spitting, mud belly flops, armpit serenades and dumpster diving.

#9 Wheelbarrow Racing

This race was called “To Hell’s Gate on a Wheelbarrow”, which is named after the national park that holds the 5-kilometer race course.

#10 Wife Carrying

This sport is a contest in which male competitors race while each carrying a female teammate.

#11 Bog Snorkeling

It’s the annual World Bog Snorkeling Championships. Participants need to wear flippers and snorkels, and have to complete two lengths of the 60-yard trench without using any traditional swimming strokes whatsoever.

#12 Extreme Ironing

Extreme ironing is a unique type of extreme sport where people take clothes and ironing boards to remote or dangerous locations to do a spot of ironing.

#13 Cheese Rolling

This sport involves participants rolling a 9-pound cheese wheel down an incredibly steep hill, and chasing after it.

#14 Giant Pumpkin Kayaking

This famous pumpkin race by far takes place annually on Nova Scotia’s Lake Pesaquid.

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#15 Underwater Football

Underwater football includes players who have to wear snorkeling equipment and are tasked with getting the weighted football to the gutter on the other side of the pool.

#16 Unicycle Hockey

Unicycle hockey is hockey on unicycles and each team consists of 5 players who are required to have both feet on their unicycle at all times.

#17 Competitive Worm Charming

Worm charming is a unique sport in which participants attempt to lure as many earthworms out of the ground as possible.

#18 Log Rolling

This type of sport consist of two participants balancing on a floating log, while trying to push their opponent off, without crossing the center line or making any physical contact.

#19 Bubble Soccer

This game is played with much of the same rules that soccer has. Players are strapped into huge inflatable bubbles, which cover their head and upper body.

#20 Cycleball (Radball)

This sport is essentially a game of soccer played with bicycles and the catch is that you must only touch the ball with your bicycle.

#21 Pumpkin Chucking (Punkin chunkin)

This sport requires participants to hurl a pumpkin through the sky as far as possible using a homemade mechanical device.

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#22 Dog Surfing

This sport involves dogs riding the waves on surfboards, whether alone or accompanied by a human.

#23 Lawnmower Racing

It is a form of motorsport in which competitors race modified lawnmowers, usually of the ride-on or self-propelled variety.

#24 Gurning Contests

Gurning contests are a rural British tradition where participants compete to pull the most distorted facial expression possible.

#25 Caber Tossing

Caber tossing is a traditional Scottish game where people compete by tossing a heavy log. However, the aim is not to toss it as far as possible, but to vertically flip it over so that it lands in the ’12 o’clock position’ in reference to the thrower.

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