Someone will not like these things made of rare stones and materials, someone will be delighted with them. What about you?

Beauty of malachite

Looks very expensive and rich!

Looks very expensive and rich!

Stunning malachite and moonstone.

Onyx. How beautiful it looks.

Gold-plated pens… I like it!

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Agate. Is there something more beautiful than this?

You can enjoy it forever!

Although opal looks no less impressive!

Rose quartz. Looks so tender and romantic!

Beauty in its purest form!

Stylish sink that can not be bought in a regular store.

Bath accessories have never been so beautiful.

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Amethyst bathroom. I would spend hours in the bathroom if I had the same one.

And another gold-plated mixer with precious stones.

The marble bathroom also looks quite luxurious.

And of course granite is one of the favorite materials.

For example, this bathroom is made of granite. It looks simple, but very unusual!

Do you like labradorite sink?

And here is another very unusual sink from geodes.

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Geode. Never heard of this material.

Without a doubt, this is one of the most beautiful and mysterious materials.