22+ Pics That Will Change Your Life! :D


The orange edge of Sour Patch Kids is really little kids.

The Moai statues actually have full bodies underground.

Cinnamon sticks are the dried, rolled-up bark of this tree.

Kiwifruit grow on vines.

Jenny McCarthy and Melissa McCarthy are cousins.

Your keys work this way.

Those perfect stacks of towels are fake.

Nutella doesnt include so much cocoa and hazelnuts as we could think.

The Baskin-Robbins has 31 flavors and there’s a 31 hidden in the Baskin-Robbins logo.

“TOYOTA” is hidden in the Toyota logo.

Grand Theft Auto and The Price Is Right use the same print.

Strawberry looks like this under a microscope.

This is what a comet would look like in Los Angeles.

Sunset on Mars.

This is how a coin sorter works.

Inside of an instant ramen noodle cup.

Kids’ shampoo “No tears” doesnt mean “No tears”.


Carol(Nancy Walls) on The Office is Steve Carell’s real-life wife.

This is a clever way to move around completed chunks of your puzzle.

Its a clever way to take off all that cereal dust if you hate it.

Its not a hair on The Hawaiian Punch guy head. He is wearing a hat.

The little pocket on your jeans is for pocket watches.

And What About 15+ Seriously Mind-Blowing Pictures Untouched by Photoshop

Where the Namib Desert meets the sea

Waterfalls off the edge of a glacier in Svalbard, Norway

The Verzasca river, Switzerland. Its water is crystal clear, so you can see right to the bottom.

After rain


Lenticular clouds over Mount Damavand

A thunderstorm in South Dakota

A helicopter approaching the surface of the water

The colors of autumn reflected in water

A deep-sea jellyfish that looks like it came from another world

Windows in the sky, or is the sky revealing its hidden windows? The Chrysler Building, New York.

The Northern Lights, Norway

A wonderful view, Sardinia

A dragonfly covered in crystal clear raindrops

Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Russia

A surreal long-exposure photograph of a merry-go-round

A whale on the beach

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