25 Winter Photos That’ll Make You Feel Cold


Winter can be very beautiful and magical. Many types of entertainment are available only in winter, for example, skiing, ice skating, ice slides, snowball games, etc. But sometimes the temperature becomes so low that you can forget about all the fun and the only thing you want is to warm up.

Frozen lake Michigan from the plane. That’s looks amazing

After a few days of freezing rain. Stunning pattern.

Exploded toilet tank. Power of the cold!

Another stunning pattern drawn by nature itself.

A firefighter, after working in the -40° polar vortex.

Looks like a work of art! Very beautiful!

Lunch in the cold. Enjoying my spaghetti All Dente.

Looks like the world in the movie “The Day After Tomorrow”. A bit scary indeed.

Due to extreme cold people set commuter train tracks on fire to warm them.

Frozen antifreeze. There are some questions to the manufacturer or to the weather.

Look what happens when you decide to blow bubbles in frosty weather.

Eyelashes covered with hoarfrost. Is it a new winter fashion trend?

I would not risk using such a toilet. Better find another one.

Frozen pants look mystical enough to become the heroes of some scary movie.

What do you think of this frozen door from the inside? Want to go outside?

This frozen toilet paper. So beautiful that you don’t want to touch it.

This frozen fireman. Great respect and thanks to them for their work in any weather!

It seems that the car also doesn’t like this cold weather!

You need to be extremely careful when driving on this frozen road in the South Dakota.

When you have to heat the apartment in all possible ways.

Have you ever seen frozen eggs?

When it is very cold outside and you are going for a walk.

Frozen Detroit river. Skating ring made by nature.

Cold penetrating from outside to inside.

Flash-Frozen Fire Hydrant. Looks spectacular!

Source: www.boredpanda.com