Hi Guys! We represent to your attention 19+ People That Sharing Genius Life Hacks And It’s Funny.

We make all our best to make your day more sunny and funny. And now let’s go:

#1 If You’re Moving, You Can Use This Method To Easily Transport All The Clothes That You Hang

#2 How To Include Everyone (Even The Person Taking The Photo) In A Picture

#3 If It’s Stupid And It Works, It Ain’t Stupid

#4 “My Girlfriend Devised A Way To Keep The Plastic Shopping Bags We Re-Use As Bin Liners In Place By Using Removable Picture Hooks”

#5 “I Hang My Shirts Like This To Save Room. A Life Hack I Learned From Watching Tokyo Drift”

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#6 Life Hack: Put Ice Cream In Your “Empty” Nutella Jar

#7 Never Drop A Book On The Bath Again. My 8 Year Old Daughters Invention

#8 Notebook Organization Lifehack From Japan, Create A Word Index In The Back And Mark The Pages

#9 Mount An Ipad Or Tablet With Some Command Hooks For An Easy TV Or Night Clock In College. Just Slide It Out For Use!

#10 Use Old Chair To Make Shelves For Your Stuff

#11 Cheap Way To Cool Down Your Laptop

#12 You Can Use A Tennis Ball As An Item Holder

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#13 Lid Storage Hack

#14 Low On Counter Space? Pull Out A Drawer And Place Your Cutting Board On Top

#15 Least Messy Way To Eat Watermelon

#16 Use An Old Egg Carton To Separate Hardware Out Before Building Furniture From A Kit

#17 Before You Throw Away A Post-In, Run It Between The Keys On Your Keyboard To Collect Crumbs And Fluff

#18 Cover Your Trampoline Springs With Pool Noodles To Avoid Pinching Toes

#19 Use Bread Clips To Save Flip-Flops With Split Holes

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#20 Use Lego As A Cable Or Key Holder

And What About 22+ Very Funny DIY For A Good Mood







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