10+ Popular Household Things Then And Now! Awesome!


Hi Guys! We represent to your attention popular household things then and now.

We make all our best to make your day more sunny and funny. And now let’s go:

Lawn Mower




Sound locator

Orthopedic trainer


Life jackets



And What About 20+ Things That a 2000s Kid Will Never Understand

Uncomfortabel metal slide on the kids’ playgrounds

Waiting until 8 p.m. to call grandma or grandpa

“Juice” was anything that wasn’t soda or booze

Typewriter instead of computer

Flipping through a card catalog in the library

Dialing zero on a rotary phone

Waiting many days to see if you got a good picture

And then the joy of one-hour photo stores

Bubblegum like a cigars

Some video stores used fines to remind you to rewind the VHS tapes before you returned them

The terrible of an unspooled cassette

Looking up information in an encyclopedia, not in the internet

Having about 20 phone numbers memorized

Manual crank window of car

Mail order catalogs. No Amazon, no Alibaba and etc

The art of a well-dictated voice mail

To fix a CD with A blast of moist breath and a rub on your shirt was often all it needed

So delicious penny candy

Stringing the phone cord under your door so you could have private life

Staring at the wall of videos in Blockbuster for hours every weekend

Not save merry-go-round on the playground

Looking up your somebody’s number in the phone book

Balancing your checkbook

Listening to an entire music album on the CD

Writing down directions

Listening the the modem tones and waiting for the internet with impatience

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