Simple and Useful Phone Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier


Many of us use the phone as usual – for calls, chats, photos, videos, etc. But there are a couple of simple, but very useful life hacks, that will make using the smartphone much more comfortable and effective.

Use Lifesaving Lock Screen for emergency situations instead of usual phone lock.

Take a photo of your fridge before you go to the store and you never forget to buy what you need.

Your can scan your old photos from photo album.

Just use Nailpolish for headphones and you never mix them next time.

Use a sock like a arm band to make a phone case.

Paint your earbuds and you always differentiate the two ears from each other.

This accurate family charging station.

You can use an empty toilet paper rolls like a phone stand.

You can make the same simple and very useful Phone Charger Holder.

Or you can make phone holder like on this photo.

Use zip ties and you will keep your chargers from getting bumped and unplugged especially if you have a little kids.

Use this Solar Charger when you go camping.

Lego can be used like a cord holder.

You can organize your Phone Wires like here.

You can use your phone flashlight instead of a lamp. But don’t forget about charging the phone.

This original phone case from the balloons.

You can use This Plastic Wrap, when your screen is cracked.