Simple Things You May Have Been Doing Totally Wrong Your Entire Life


You can save clean fingers using this way

This method will allow you to eat the cake more carefully

You can get a portion control

That’s how does it work

It’ really a easy way

Baby squeezed just a bit too hard, sending juice flying out of the straw? Just utilize the built-in handles located on each side of the box

Create a small hole in the middle of your plate that will allow the microwave to heat your meal evenly

How to make sure no one can read something you’ve written? Just cover the text with different words and random letters

You can cool down a beverage quickly wrapping it with wet paper towels and put it in the fridge for at least 15 minutes

How to avoid squishing a delicious, fluffy loaf of bread by flipping it upside down and cutting along its flat bottom

If you want to keep a icecream soft and easy to scoop then store the tub in a Ziploc bag

You can drill holes in the bottom of garbage can to make putting in and taking out bags much easier

Genius idea

Really good idea

How to keep everything inside your burger? Just use a pinkie fingers and thumbs as supports

Just use a “Press Here To Lock Roll” tab on the side of the box

The lid of a takeout drink can be used like this

Use this idea that allows you to dip the entire cookie without getting those fingers all milky


A Secret Pocket in women’s underwear