His name is Allan Dixon, and he’s from Ireland. He has earned himself the title of a ‘real-life Dr. Dolittle’ because of his ability to ‘talk’ animals into posing for a selfie with him. The results are amazing. He seems to befriend any animal he meets!

Just let’s look at this:

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Source: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter (h/t: mymodernmetdailymail)

So… And what about 20+ Puppies That Can Sleep Anywhere And Anytime?

#1 She Likes To Sleep In The Bowl

#2 Peaches Sleeping On The Door Handle On Our Way Home

#3 Sleeping Corgis

#4 My Sister’s Puppy Was So Tired, She Just Fell Asleep In Her Shoe

#5 Perfect Spot To Take A Nap

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#6 Puppy Is Sleeping In His Bowl

#7 Too Lazy To Move

#8 Take Your Puppy For A Walk They Said, It Will Be Fun They Said

#9 My Dog Is Sleeping

#10 Sleeping Beauty

#11 My Co-worker’s Puppy Fell Asleep On Her Desk

#12 My Friends Dog Passed Out

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#13 Puppy Sleeping On The Table

#14 Mcguffin Goes To The Vet

#15 My Favorite Puppy Out Of The Littler Was This Little Sleepy Guy

#16 Saw This Young Pigs Cuddling With Puppies In A Remote Hilltribe Village In Laos

#17 Sleeping Puppy

#18 I Found My Puppy Sleeping Like This

#19 Sleeping Puppy

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#20 Croissant Has To Hide His Paws When He Sleeps

#21 Puppy Sleeping

#22 Weird Sleeping Pose

#23 Basset Hound Sleeping In Flower Pots. Part Dog, Part Gravy