Very Useful Life Hacks You Literally Never Thought Of


Easy way to move a bunch of clothes at once using a kitchen garbage bag

You can protect your registration sticker this way

Easy way to organize the various screws

Protect your tupperware from migrating

You can buy much more eggs and freeze them for later

That’s a good idea

Look how you can use an old plastic bottle

Сonvenient package instead of having a tray

When you disassembling things you should use a rubber band to give your screwdriver some extra torque

You can use a fork for your shell’s stability

You can put keys on a key and you will not destroy your fingers

How to slice asparagus with ease?

Another one great idea

If your phone isn’t charging well… lint can get jammed into the charging socket — try cleaning it out

Clamp the curtains with the clasps on the coat hangers to keep the room fully blacked out

If you want to get a sick kid to take their cough syrup then make it like they drink a fizzy soda

Freeze lemon and lime for the party

Great idea for bathroom

How to make a bag hooks in your car? Just use a carabiners like this

You can use a hair straightener instead of iron like this

If your metal wrench is too big for the job, you can use some extra metal like this

For the car nap